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While I was in Champaign with Mike a few weeks, I stopped by one of the many Dunkin‘ Donuts to purchase a latte. I’d never had a coffee from Dunkin‘ Donuts before, but everyone seems to rave about it so I thought I would try it since I rarely have the opportunity to splurge on such indulgences.

After the first few sips, I thought to myself, “that’s $2.48 that I’ll never get back.” One benefit to living in a small, coffee chain free town, is that I’ve learned to make my own fancy coffee drinks. My favorites are Skinny Vanilla Lattes and Skinny German Chocolate Mochas. The best part, my coffee drinks not only taste better, but are significantly cheaper for more coffee.

I thought I would spread the wealth and tell you about my concoctions today since my Tuesdays with Dorie pie won’t be ready until Friday. Save a buck and make your coffee at home today. Honestly, I really do think it tastes better too.

Skinny Vanilla Latte
1 cup strongly brewed fresh coffee
1 cup skim milk
1 shot sugar free vanilla Torani syrup

You can warm the milk in a pan on the stove and froth as desired. Then mix all ingredients in your favorite mug. I usually just pour the coffee in and then add the milk cold and the syrup. The hot coffee and cold milk combine to make the drink immediately drinkable.

Skinny German Chocolate Mocha
1 cup strongly brewed fresh coffee
1 cup skim milk
1 shot sugar free coconut Torani syrup
1 Tbsp. cocoa powder

Same directions as above.

Both of these can be served over ice for a wonderful iced coffee treat. I also like to mix up the syrups. This time of year I swap out the coconut syrup for peppermint to make a minty mocha treat! 🙂

I bought a reusable travel cup at Starbucks 2 years ago and I love it. It holds my large coffee drink and is portable. It even makes me feel a little green. 🙂 Yet another way to save a few pennies this time of year. 🙂

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  1. I am not a coffee drinker, but I do spurge at Starbucks every couple months. It never occured to me to make something like this at home, I’ll have to try it out.

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