I’m a high school teacher turned WAHM, freelance writing as well as teaching research writing, political science, and history for three online universities and the local community college.  I am as eclectic as they come – in my interests, my friends, and my life. My love for animals, politics, photography, desserts, reading, and my family, combined with a Type-A personality, make me a force to be reckoned with.

I began blogging in April 2006, before my first IVF cycle. For two years, I ranted and raved on the original Sticky Feet blog about the trials and tribulations of IVF treatments and my struggle to become a mother. In November 2007, our dreams came true with the birth of our little guy, Bo. Sticky Feet (Part Deux) was born soon after.

While I still drone on about infertility, IVF #6 resulted in a twin pregnancy and the birth of our twin daughters, Clara and Anna, in September of 2009. Their birth brought me full-circle from an infertile who feared that she would never have children, to a Mommy who has her hands full.

Blogging is my hobby of choice and inspired me to begin writing professionally.  I write about numerous topics to encompass many of my passions but my primary niches include writing about working from home, family, infertility, and healthy lifestyles.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with others – whether it is helping someone deal with infertility or sharing recipes.


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