Fresh Strawberry Pie

Anna swollen eye strawberry patchAnna eye swollen strawberry Bo strawberries Clara picking

There is never a dull moment here at Casa de Weitl and our Memorial Day weekend has been no exception.  I left as the sun was rising on Saturday morning to pick up my mom and bring her to our house for a few days.  We stopped briefly in Tuscola and still made it back here before 1:30.  Seven hours of driving is a long haul – and lucky me, I get to do it again on Thursday!

We arrived to find Mike and the trio putting together the new twin beds for Anna and Clara’s room which turned out very cute.  Now we just have to finalize the rest of their room decor!  By the time the beds were put together, it was nearly dinner time, so we all headed to Delaney’s for a quick dinner.

Bo’s ear was swollen to five times it’s normal size on Saturday and not long after, Anna’s eye started swelling and was completely swollen shut by the time she woke up on Sunday (look closely at the photos above… and this is after two days of medication!).  I tried to take them to the Y care clinic but they wouldn’t see them since it was Anna’s eye.  We know that it was caused by some type of bite, but we aren’t 100% sure what kind.  We thought it was mosquitoes at first, but now we are leaning towards a possible spider bite?  Anyway –  Bo, Anna, and I spent Sunday morning at the ER and came away with three prescriptions for each of them and orders to liberally apply bug spray and limit sun exposure as much as possible.  Fun.  Clara stayed home with Grammie while Daddy worked in the yard during this debacle.

On Sunday evening, we enjoyed our typical pizza and movie routine with the kiddos watching Winnie the Pooh and the grown-ups watching I Don’t Know How She Does It after the trio was in bed.  The movies were fine, and our movie made me laugh several times, but there really wasn’t a lot of plot to it.  Sometimes that’s a good thing though…

Monday morning, we headed to a local strawberry patch to pick strawberries.  Unfortunately, by the time we arrived at 9:15, nearly all of the strawberries had been picked over.  We managed to pick about a quart of pinkie sized berries.  Just enough for strawberry pie!  That was probably long enough to have Bo and Anna in the sun anyway – but I had big plans for lots of strawberries.  Needless to say, we had to supplement with some store-bought berries for a few other recipes I’m planning this week.

Path to patch strawberry patchSlim pickins

In the midst of all of our normal routines, we are also in the process of potty-training the girls.  We’re one week in of constant, vigilant effort (we’d tried for a couple of hours before without much luck – this time I was serious about it!) and it’s going very well.  Anna’s only had one accident each of the last two days and Clara hasn’t had any since Saturday morning.  I probably just jinxed it – not to mention the eww factor of talking about potty training in a recipe post – but meh.  Such is my life.

Bo pie 2Strawberry pie Bo handBo pie

After lunch today (we had these baked Monte Cristos with raspberry jam – which I highly recommend) Bo and I made strawberry pie.  Bo was a big helper and mashed the strawberries for the sauce and arranged the whole strawberries in the pie.  Such tiny little strawberries!  We’ll be grilling out this evening and topping off our dinner with a slice of fresh strawberry pie.  Happy Memorial Day!

Strawberry pie 1


Fresh Strawberry Pie
  • pie crust, baked
  • 1 quart of fresh strawberries
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ¾ cup water
  • ¼ cup strawberry Jell-O powder
  • 3 Tbsp cornstarch
  1. Cut the stems off the strawberries and wash thoroughly. Mash about half of the strawberries and pour into a saucepan. Add sugar, water, Jell-O, and cornstarch. Heat over medium heat, stirring constantly until boiling. Let boil for one minute and then remove from heat and allow to cool. Meanwhile, arrange the remaining strawberries in the pie crust. Once the sauce is cool to the touch, pour over the berries and refrigerate for several hours. Serve with whipped topping. Yum!


Each Monday, I’ll showcase a family and kid-friendly recipe to share with your family. Please let me know if you try one of my recipes! Enjoy!

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