Tuesdays with RecipeGirl: Lemon Bars with Kit-Kat Crust

Yep, I’m bailing on Tuesdays with Dorie this week. I couldn’t find any dried currants. And, those cookies just look a bit strange to me. I’m anxious to see everyone elses results. Head over to TWD if you’re interested in a recipe that contains dried currants.

I decided to take a different route this week. Despite the fact that we had about 175 Trick or Treaters, we did have some candy leftover. And some of those candies just happened to be Kit-Kat bars. I’d already bought the cream cheese for this weeks TWD recipe so when I saw this recipe Saturday morning on Recipegirl.com, I decided it was time for a change of plans. Even better, I had everything I needed for this recipe on hand.

I started by unwrapping the 14 snack size Kit-Kat bars. Doesn’t my pile of wrappers make me look quite pig-like?
Then, I threw the Kit-Kats into the food processer to make a crumb crust.

And I pressed the Kit-Kat crumbs into the bottom of a greased 8×8 pan. I baked the crust for 5 minutes.

Then I mixed up the filling and spread it over the top. Yum. Lemony, creamy cheesey goodness.

Finally, I mixed up the topping and popped it in the oven. Viola! Lemon Bars with a Kit-Kat crust.

My official tasters (Mike and my mom) both liked these a lot. Mom liked the Kit-Kat crust but Mike felt that it would have been better with a regular graham cracker crust. I don’t think the Kit-Kats added much to the recipe. While my mom said she could taste the chocolate, I really couldn’t because of all of the lemon.
The filling and topping were great but if I were to make this again (when I don’t have leftover Halloween candy) I’d just use graham crackers for the crust.

***Instead of more political propaganda, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to go vote!! :)***

One thought on “Tuesdays with RecipeGirl: Lemon Bars with Kit-Kat Crust

  1. Tuesdays with RecipeGirl? How funny. That gave me a little giggle 🙂

    We definitely thought the lemon was the star of the show in this recipe. I mentioned in my post that my husband wanted to taste more chocolate, but it’s simply a *lemon* bar recipe thus not really a chocolate flavor. In any case, I thought the crust was easy to do since you just chop the candy bars up and don’t have to mix it with anything. Glad you gave it a shot, and thanks a bunch for the cute post title! Have a happy election day 🙂

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